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noun pro·sce·ni·um \ pro·sce·ni·um \ prō-sē-nē-m

Part of a theatre. The stage area where the heart of the action happens, bringing the story to life. Where an actor’s performance impacts the audience most powerfully.

Our Approach

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Proscenium is a place for growth and expansion. We offer personal and professional development through our speaking, coaching and facilitation services, built from a foundation of 30 years experience in learning-development and the arts. Let Proscenium help you improve your performance in your job, career, community or relationships. Join us to regenerate your sense of self and reach your goals. Discover your capacity to impact your world.

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In theatre, every day is a new performance and time of self-discovery. It is a rare opportunity for a performer to see themselves with curiosity and intention and recognize they are a growing work in progress. Proscenium thrives on that fascinating journey of self-discovery. We know that life is the same: each day is a new opportunity and performance and we delight in that discovery with our clients. Let us foster your journey of growth and progress.

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Growth requires disruption. We create disruptive growth in a safe environment, with clear intentions, specific challenges and directed play. With tools and approaches from the worlds of  visual art, theatre, improvisation and psychology, and your needs and goals at the forefront, we craft a unique development experience for you that is meaningful, rewarding and fun. Join us onstage. Play. Be transformed.

Improve your performance:

Expand yourself. Expand your potential. Change your world.


“The magic of the experience is the soul and presence Victor brings into the room.”

Executive Director – Jewish World Watch

“His enthusiasm and willingess…”


“Victor is a tremendous coach, very intuitive on many levels!”

Hearst Broadcasting

“He made a great…”